2021 Social Media Platforms That Is Best For My Business

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No matter how much being visible online is essential to a business, one can’t be everywhere at once, especially with a tight budget. That’s why being strategic when it comes to building your social media presence is vital.

Choosing the right social media channel for your business is the key to successful social media marketing. But it comes with different factors including the industry you are in, the type of business you offer, your target market or audience, your KPI’s and so much more.

Choosing the right social media for your business this 2021


With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is considered to be the largest social media platform. This means that your customer base probably has a Facebook account, making it the top social media platform for businesses.

With over a billion active users every day, it provides a way for businesses to find their target audience and get new customers. But that’s not all, it’s a platform that enables you to engage with your clients once you have caught their attention.

Companies also have the option to create private groups for customers to join, post questions, and have a more personalized experience with the brand.

Lastly, what makes Facebook the most used social media platform for businesses is their targeted digital advertising platform. Facebook ads enable brands to target audiences based on their interest and behavior ensuring that the ads are showing in front of the right customers at the right time.


Instagram is suitable for businesses that target younger demographics. According to a study, 72% of teens are Instagram users and 67% are young adults.

Initially a platform for photo sharing, Instagram has now expanded to videos and then stories, which vanishes after 24 hours. Through a highly appealing visual, brands can better showcase their products, services, voice, and value.

This platform is especially great for retail brands since it’s fully set up for eCommerce. Since it’s a channel made for mobile, customers can browse through your products and directly purchase using their Instagram account.


Compared to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has only 300 million active users per month. However, the users are full of professionals from various types of industries, especially B2B companies. So, in terms of professionalism, LinkedIn remains unbeatable.

LinkedIn’s newsfeed is not as crowded as the other two social channels, so businesses can reach more audiences without doing any paid advertising. It’s like a networking tool exclusive for professionals.

For companies whose target clients are businesses, they will find more success with LinkedIn rather than any other platforms. Since it is a community of employees and business owners, the audience is more business-minded so the responses to your campaigns are better. Which is a great opportunity for B2B brands looking to connect with decision-makers.


Boasting 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has become a channel for video content and the 2nd largest search engine after Google. It’s not only a platform where users go for entertainment but also to get information and learn new things. Thus, making it a strong tool for businesses.

Although videos can take longer to produce, it also leads to more conversions. You can create videos of just about anything. You can repurpose your blog articles into an informational video or create instructional videos for your target market.

Not only does it help you reach a broader audience, but it can also help with your SEO since the content of your channel can show up on Google SERP. It’s best to remember to optimize your titles and description for the keywords you are trying to target and see the increase in your traffic.


Twitter is a very straightforward social channel that doesn’t require a lot of photos or videos to stand out. Since you’re only allowed to tweet in a limited number of characters, being creative in what you have to say is necessary to catch people’s attention.

Twitter has a diverse set of users - from journalist, businesses, celebrities and even Presidents uses this channel. It’s a platform used for sharing stories, news articles, humorous narratives, and more. If you’re using Twitter for your businesses, you have to constantly engage with your audience and add value to your content.


People who use Pinterest are on the platform to find useful information and inspiration. It has a lot of potential for driving traffic and it is home to various types of content from interior design, food recipes, fashion trends, and shopping.

With 459 million active users, customers on Pinterest are spending money. According to a study, Pinterest is a profitable advertising platform with an average of $4.3 return for every $1 ad spent. To be a success on this platform, you must be consistent in publishing your post, organizing your boards, and the right strategy to grow your followers.

Key Factors when choosing the right Social Media platform

Type of Business

It’s not just about the industry your business is in or the products and services that you provide. It’s more about whether your company is B2B or B2C. Since consumers are most likely active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, while B2B companies thrived on LinkedIn, there are still exceptions and some B2B companies can still be successful outside LinkedIn.

Target Audience

Identifying your target market is essential when you want to connect and engage with customers through social media. Teenagers are most likely on Instagram while middle-aged individuals are on Facebook. Defining your buyer persona can help you reach the right audience and allow you to develop social media campaigns that speak to them.


Defining your social media marketing goals is vital to your strategy. It can be anything from generating more leads, increasing brand awareness, or connecting and engaging more to customers. Setting realistic goals will help you in determining the right platform for your business.

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