Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses in Hong Kong

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Billions of people are using Google to search for information - from entertainment news, local shops, local services, activities, trends, and more. Maintaining its top stop as the most popular search engine, Google is said to be receiving billions of searches in a day and a large percentage of those have local intent. This means that inquiries done by users are looking for some information within their surrounding area.

For example, it’s lunchtime and you want to know the list of Japanese restaurants closest to you for a quick grab. The next thing you’ll do is pull out your phone, type in “dumpling restaurants near me” on Google, and you’ll get all the information you need.

This is the reason why you should optimize your business for Google search. The more searchable your business is, the better the chance to lead prospects your way.

What is Google My Business?

For those who are not familiar with this service, Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool enabling you to promote your business profile and website on Google Search and Maps. Since most users are using Google as their search engine tool, there is a higher chance for your business to get more visibility and draw people’s attention towards your business.

Benefits of Google My Business for Businesses in Hong Kong

Visibility on Search and Maps

One of the biggest benefits of being listed on Google My Business is the possibility of appearing in the local 3-pack section in Google search results.

The Local Pack covers up a huge real estate on the first page of Google search results and it’s the first thing any google user will see when they type in their query. You can search for anything from restaurants, salons, professional services, offices, etc., and related to these searches will be displayed.

Since GMB is the top determining local ranking factor, according to MOZ, listing your business to Google My Business will enable you to reach a more targeted audience, such as people within your service area.

Local 3 Pack Google Maps

GMB Allows Users to Leave Reviews

There are many reasons why reviews are important in making purchase decisions and GMB features an easy way for your customers or clients to leave positive feedback about their experience with your business.

When it comes to search rankings, online reviews are considered to be included in how search engines rank results, and almost all customers are influenced by what they read. Testimonials from actual people (because there might be some reviews that are done by bots or paid to do negative reviews) are credible and many users will believe it. So properly utilizing this feature will make a huge impact on your business.

GMB Provides Insights and Helpful Information

The insight feature within Google My Business enables you to understand your audience and will help you craft a more strategic messaging within your posts.

Within this feature, you will be able to see how many views your post and photos are getting which is the key to validate the effectiveness of your campaign. Also, GMB provides a report of how users find your business and what search terms are they using for your listing to appear.

The metrics and data within the GMB insight feature are helpful for business owners who are looking to improve their audience engagement, the website traffic and boost their sales through the GMB listing.

Google My Business enables you to Post Offers

Introduced in May 2018, Google introduced Offer posts for business owners to promote their products that are on sale or with discounts or any other promotional campaigns. Business owners can take advantage of this free feature that would be otherwise paid for with Pay-per-Click Ads.

Google Offer posts will display the title of your promotion, the duration of your campaign, a call-to-action (CTA), a photo or video of the product, link, terms, and conditions, etc. It all depends on how you will display your promotional campaigns, as some factors can be left empty.

Businesses within the retail industry, automotive, and other professional services can especially take advantage of this feature.

Website Builder

Through Google My Business, you can create a free website that is customizable and mobile-friendly. You can use this feature to create, edit and publish a simple but well-designed professional site that users can have access to whenever they connect with you.

Although there is still a need to purchase a domain, this feature will help small business owners who don’t have the time to create a multiple page website and those who don’t have the budget to outsource professionals for website design and development. It’s the first step to building your brand and presence online.

A local search generates a higher ROI compared to other digital marketing channels, aside from delivering more qualified leads and engagement, Google My Business can help you develop your local SEO and start drawing attention to your business.

We at Prexence are here to help you manage and boost your online presence. Contact us today and learn what can we do for you!

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