Copywriting: 3 Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning To SEO-Focused Content

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When it comes to creating content, writing jobs varies from technical writing, scriptwriting, copywriting, and many more. It focuses on different aspects like business, education, or entertainment but shares a single purpose ­­– to convey information.

The term copywriting is probably popular in the realm of online or digital marketing. In a nutshell, copywriting is all the things that need to be written for your website and overall business.

To further explain, it is the creation of messages intended to persuade readers or audience to take an action according to the brand’s content or products such as subscribing to a newsletter or submitting a contact form.

The underlying importance of having quality content allows your site to speak with your target audience, making your brand more recognizable and worthy of investment.

To make concise and valuable content, the process includes:

  • Identifying your client’s needs
  • Designing original concepts and ideas aligned with your clients' demands
  • Creating engaging and error-free copies/materials based on your target audience
  • Establishing your online presence and,
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of every project or campaign

Content Marketing vs. Copywriting

More often than not, content marketing and copywriting can be quite confusing. These two concepts involve content production for a specific website, but the strategies are different. Content marketing features free and shareable content to invite prospective clients or buyers to share it across different channels.

Copywriting, on the other hand, takes in the form of ads, quality content blog posts, article copy for social media postings, infographics, and many more.

To further understand its relevance, below are some reasons that prove why copywriting is a vital part of your organization’s strategic management.

It is a well-tested Marketing Strategy

Fulfilling your audience needs with sufficient ideas and solutions through copywriting can raise your online presence. Most of the time, clients tend to rely on informative articles rather than checking out paid ads. It also allows your ideal readers to know your business on a personal level which opens doors for more selling opportunities.

It drives traffic or Organic Clicks for Local Business Websites

In principle, being the best means securing the top spot. The same applies to search engine results pages (SERP) where every website aims to acquire the highest rank because it indicates an increase in visibility to online users who can see the products or services a company offers.

Moreover, it is a dependable strategy to help businesses gain an above-average share of web traffic. Creating a trustworthy and competent web page is crucial but appealing and informative content would certainly boost the good reputation of your business. This way, you can build a solid and active audience for your daily engagements and other transactions.

It allows you to earn Potential and New Customers through Optimized Blogs or Contents

One of the most effective strategies to promote your business is through blogging. According to a 2018 report from HubSpot, the company was able to boost its monthly organic search views by 106% through optimized blog posts/articles.

With this, producing engaging and research-based content aligned with your niche market may more attract audiences, resulting in increased revenue.

How preXence marketing can help you with your copywriting needs?

At preXence marketing, we offer a wide range of digital marketing and web design solutions in Hong Kong and we’re here to make it happen! Other services include Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising, web services, and more.

If you need further assistance with your marketing or copywriting needs, feel free to contact us.

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