What is a Good Call-to-Action?

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If you want to drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, or increase your conversion rate, a good CTA (call-to-action) is all you need. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds especially when there are too many distractions around the internet. Your CTA should shout the actions you want your audience to take loud and clear.

Defining Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a short statement or phrase created to catch the attention of the person reading it. Businesses include it in their marketing strategy to entice their target market to take a specific action. It is typically used at the end of an article, video, or throughout a sales pitch to lead prospects on to the next steps if they showed interest in what you offer.

Some may not see it as important since many assume that readers or potential customers already know what to do after seeing your campaign but leaving a call to action out of your marketing strategy can cause you to lose possible business.

Tips in writing click-worthy CTA

1. Define your Goal

Each ad campaign, landing page, or social media post should focus on one primary goal. It can be to drive brand awareness for the cold audience or generate new leads. While it’s great that secondary results can occur such as clicking on your site, your call-to-action copy should reflect a singular goal.

Before writing your call-to-action, identify the goals you want to achieve.

  • Do you want to increase your conversation rate?
  • Do you want to generate leads and increase subscriptions?
  • Do you want to direct users to another piece of content?

Once you have determined your goals, you can start formulating the best call-to-action phrases that speak directly to readers or users.

2. Use Action Words

When creating your CTAs, remember to use action verbs such as the following:

  • Call us
  • Sign up
  • Learn More
  • Shop / Buy Now
  • Learn more
  • Get Started
  • Create
  • View
  • Book Today
  • Contact

CTA is all about being clear and concise. If you have an ad campaign, the number of characters is limited so there is not much space to get your message across. Thus, the reason to get direct to the point.

3. Express Urgency

Once you have chosen your actionable word, you can then add words that convey a strong sense of urgency. You have to let the users know that they will be missing something if they didn’t convert. Set deadlines or limited offers that will help you express this urgency.

For example:

  • Call today and schedule your free consultation!
  • Limited offer! Sign up now and get 60% off…
  • Few stocks left! Buy now to get the limited edition…

4. Provide Relevant Information

Users don’t want to be deceived or tricked into clicking something that doesn’t provide value for them. Your CTA should provide clear information that gives them an understanding of what will they receive once they click.

Give them a reason to take that desired action. Your CTA should be heavily tied to your value proposition or unique selling point to help you improve your click-through rate and acquire new leads.

Final Thoughts

CTAs are not only for advertisements, or email marketing, it can be used for any type of marketing content to help you achieve your goal. Encourage your readers to leave comments or subscribe to your newsletter at the end of your blog article or help them get to your website by asking them to click on the link on your social media posts. CTAs can serve a lot of purposes.

Do you think you are ready to write the best call to action for your campaign? Do you still need assistance when it comes to your marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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