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Remarketing Ads

It’s very common for online users to visit multiple sites before deciding on which one to purchase or hire. When we all look for a specific product, article, or solution, we have that moment where we need to think about it first, do more research, before doing anything. Remarketing means bringing back those potential customers and turn them into leads.

Using remarketing campaigns will keep your brand in front of potential buyers and your ads will be shown on multiple websites they visit. This will help remind them of what you have to offer and encourages them to return to your website and make a purchase, thus increasing sales. Adding remarketing ads to your PPC campaign will help users understand their need for your product or service.

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Advantages of Remarketing Campaigns

Improve Conversion Rate

Keeping your brand, product, or service on top of a user’s mind will increase the chances of a future sale. Remarketing can also drive the visitor back to the conversion process. These ads can be programmed to take users to the last page the visited, such as an abandoned cart, resulting in a smooth experience that will lead them to convert.

Audience Targeting

Your ad will show up only to relevant users based on your bid and references. With remarketing, you have the opportunity to create customized ads with specific messages depending on the action the user takes. Your remarketing ads may also appear on related searches on SERP as display ads or text ads, enabling you to communicate to a specific audience.

Less Expensive

Remarketing ads are a cost-effective way to reach qualified leads. Similar to Google ads, you have full control of your budget and it will only cost you if the user clicks on your ads. Utilizing the reporting tool it provides, you’ll get the opportunity to make smart decisions as you monitor your ad’s performance.

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