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Social Media Ads

Social media platforms let you reach your target audience at the right place and at the right time. Social media ads boost your brand’s visibility and user engagement. However, running ads on social media isn’t advisable for every business.

Our team at preXence focuses on who you want to reach and which platform you’ll most likely to connect with them. We work with you to define your goals and budget and help you reach your target.

Facebook Ads

The most popular option for a lot of businesses as it provides a highly targeted form of social media ads. Engage with a particular audience based on age, behavior, location, interest, and more. Utilizing Facebook advertising helps you boost website traffic, increase revenue, and brand awareness at a lower cost per acquisition.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is specially oriented for professional members which are proven to be effective for B2B ads. Businesses catering to other businesses can utilize LinkedIn to raise awareness, generate leads, and boost traffic to your website pages, in addition to finding new connections and prospects.

Instagram Ads

With a lot of engaged and active users on Instagram, the possibility of a potential customer visiting and interacting with your brand is high. For businesses looking to promote new products or special offers, Instagram Ads would be best recommended.

Pinterest Ads

For businesses specific to retail and fashion, Pinterest provides unique opportunities. As a social media platform focusing on discoveries and new ideas, it’s a ground for getting your products and content in front of people who uses Pinterest to search and discover.

Social Media is where your Customers are

Social Media Campaigns That Work

Goal Setting

Before we set goals, we start with research. Which platform is the best for your business? Who is your target audience? These will be the foundation of our strategy, tailored to your needs and budget.

Ad Setup

We carefully construct your campaigns and planning how to fit your budget to achieve your social media ad goals. Every step we take will have a positive effect on your return on investment (ROI).


Designing an ad that matches your goal and attracts potential customers. Through creative and unique approaches, we create ads that fit your brand and mobile responsive.


It’s a continuous process depending on the data gathered, where budget and bids are adjusted, the landing page is modified, and test what ads will work best.


Our results are measurable, and we provide in-depth reporting to show how your money was spent, and if your goal is achieved, giving us insights on what would be the next step to improve your ROI.

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