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SEO Audit

We use various tools, checklist, best practices, and standards to conduct a full website SEO audit to list your weak points and generate action items. SEO Audit helps us understand your current position and enable us to analyze what is helping and hurting your website’s performance. We don’t present you with a strategy unless we’ve done a comprehensive SEO audit. We study all the important aspects before indicating any improvements.

Depending on the type of business you have, we tailor our strategy based on your business model. We outline all the specifics and give you a detailed explanation of our report so you will get a deeper understanding of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. The more your website is updated, the chances of honest mistakes can affect your SEO.

Evaluate your Website Performance with a Comprehensive Report

Why do you need an SEO Audit?

Performance Audit

Based on your KPIs, how well are you doing in terms of business performance? Leads, conversions, sales, and branding are part of your objective, and performance audit will look at your keyword rankings, competitor, and SERP analysis.

Technical Audit

When it comes to SEO, the user experience of a website makes a huge difference. Does your website have an SSL certificate installed? Is it mobile responsive? Are there broken links? These are just some of the issues that we will uncover during a technical audit.

Content Audit

Do you provide quality content to your audience? Is it useful and informative? Relevant and unique? Assessing your content is as important as assessing the technical aspect of your website. What’s a website without good content that drives conversion and engaged traffic?

Link Audit

Links are one of the most important factors to search engine optimization. We will look at the main points such as the number of backlinks that come from relevant websites, the domain authority of each website that links to you, your website’s internal links, and more.

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