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Landing Page

A landing page is designed to turn your leads into customers. It’s a standalone web page, created specifically for marketing or advertising campaigns. When a user clicks on an ad from Google, Bing, or any Social Media platforms, it is where they land.

Unlike the typical web page where there are numerous goals and encourage users to browse and explore, a landing page is designed for one specific goal.

An effective landing page will include vital and trustworthy information that effectively prompt users to act. Our team at preXence designs unique landing pages that increase lead generation and conversion rates. We follow best practices that guarantee a result.

Why do you need a Landing Page?

Increase Conversions

A landing page sets a clear action for visitors to take, known as your call to action (CTA). A good landing page can influence their decision that leads to more customers and generate higher revenue for your business.

Directly Support your Goals

Whether it is to promote a new product, target new market, or close more sales, landing pages can cater to any particular goal that differentiates them from your homepage.

Increase Credibility

Since a landing page is focused on a single path for a user, the course of action would be clear, helping them feel understood. Also, by including testimonials, you’re indicating the success other people had with your products, helping them feel more secure with their decision.

Improve your PPC Campaigns

Click through rates (CTR) are influenced by a good landing page. Users who clicked on your advertising campaign will be redirected to a one web page that focuses on the product they are interested in, increasing the chances of generating more leads.

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