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Web Services

Keeping your Website Up to Date

Web Support and Maintenance

Having a website is now mandatory, even for small businesses. A website gives a potential customer insight into your business, what it does or where it is located. In today’s competitive market, you need to be sure your website ranks well for your target audience.

Many factors can be considered, but one important element is ensuring that your website is always up to date, not just from the technical aspects of it but also the content itself. For many business owners, we understand how this can be forgotten and that’s how we can help.

Our job doesn’t stop at just designing and developing your website, providing you with regular web support and maintenance helps you improve your site health every time.

Handling all your Essential Website Support Requirements

Why do you need Web Support and Maintenance?

Benefits of Web Support & Maintenance with preXence

  • Priority on requests
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • Safely stored off-site backups
  • Adding new features and functions as needed
  • Update content when required
  • Access to experts
  • Advice on improvements to your site

What do we fix and improve?

  • Errors and Bugs that prevents your site from functioning properly
  • Repair broken contact forms and prevent spam inquiries
  • Add new secured contact forms
  • Website recovery in case of a hacked
  • Improve your website’s speed
  • Improve your website’s mobile responsiveness

Aside from the benefits of including web support and maintenance in your strategy, we help with Search Engine Optimization to get your website above competitors.

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